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Under Floor Insulation San Antonio

Even after you’ve finished insulating your attic, garage, walls, and ceilings, there’s still one more part of your home that may need to be insulated. The answer is right under your nose - and under your floor! Uninsulated crawl spaces can have a noticeable impact on a house’s overall energy efficiency.

For residents of the San Antonio, Texas, area, the best choice for this work is evident. Instead of hiring a less experienced contractor or trying to do it yourself, go with SATX Spray Foam Insulation to insulate your home’s crawl space.

The Area’s Most Qualified Insulation Company

At SATX, we’ve spent years building a reputation among people living in and around San Antonio, TX. That reputation is rock-solid thanks to our firm commitment to our work and willingness to communicate with clients. There are several other reasons why that’s the case:

Ceiling with spray foam insulation and wall panels ready for installation in San Antonio TX
SATX Spray Foam Insulation is a genuinely local company founded here in San Antonio. Our headquarters are still here today, allowing us to respond quickly to residents and businesses in the area.
Worker wearing white protective suit spraying insulation for a commercial building
The team at SATX doesn’t cut corners when it comes to quality. That extends to the materials we use - our crew knows what types of insulation are perfect for each job we take on.
Insulation of attic with foam insulation in a roof attic in San Antonio TX
When you’re hiring a contractor for home improvement work, it only makes sense that cost would be one of your primary concerns. Because of that, we’ll work hard to keep costs down on your insulation job!

Ready to Learn More?

SATX Spray Foam Insulation is the San Antonio, TX, area’s top choice for insulation services. We’ve installed excellent blown-in insulation for countless customers in and around the city. Let us show you how we’ve built such a strong reputation for this work over the years!

Our Underfloor Insulation Services

Insulation is seldom a “one-size-fits-all” project, and underfloor insulation is no exception. We can install many insulation varieties in your crawl space, including:

Spray Foam Floor Insulation

Polyurethane spray foam insulation is quick to install and highly effective for insulating crawl spaces. As you may expect based on its name, the installation process for spray foam insulation involves spraying it in areas that need to be insulated. After we’ve sprayed this foam, it expands to a much larger size.

Blown-In Floor Insulation

Often (but not always) made from cellulose, blown-in insulation is ideal for floor insulation. That’s true whether you’re insulating an attic floor or the crawl space under floors in your home. Our team has access to industrial blowing machines, allowing us to install this insulation before you know it.

Batt Floor Insulation

Fiberglass insulation is another viable option for insulating your crawl spaces. Batt insulation, which takes the form of pre-made panels, is perfect for this job. We can put these panels in while using the proper protective gear to prevent any health risks.

Ventilated And Unventilated Crawl Space Insulation: Know The Difference

In the process of installing crawl space insulation, there’s another factor to keep in mind beyond the type of insulation you prefer. Your crawl space’s ventilation can affect where you need insulation.

For ventilated crawl spaces, it’s best to install insulation under subfloors and between floor joists. Meanwhile, unventilated crawl spaces don’t need quite as much insulation as ventilated spaces do. However, you’ll still want to have their walls insulated.

Are you unsure whether or not you have a ventilated crawl space? If so, there’s no need to worry! The employees of SATX Spray Foam Insulation will be able to figure this out for you well before the job starts.

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For years, SATX Spray Foam Insulation has been more than just an insulation company to San Antonio, Texas residents. We’ve helped our customers save on energy bills and beat the Texas heat, all while providing the best customer service in the industry. If your home or business needs insulation services, let us handle this work for you!

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