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Garage Insulation San Antonio

When you’re thinking about upgrading your home’s insulation, one of the spaces that’s easiest to overlook may not technically be part of your home at all! Even if your garage is unconnected to your house, you’ll want to make sure it’s adequately insulated. That’s especially crucial if you plan on using it as a workshop, studio, or living space. Meanwhile, uninsulated attached garages can have a direct impact on temperatures in your home itself.

The experts at SATX Spray Foam Insulation can install highly effective garage wall insulation, garage door insulation, and garage ceiling insulation. If you’re looking for a company to provide services like these in San Antonio, TX, look no further!

Why Choose Us For Garage Insulation Installation?

For San Antonio, Texas residents, the name “SATX Spray Foam  Insulation” is practically synonymous with high-quality workmanship and unmatched customer service. We’ve been busy installing insulation for local homeowners and businesses for years. Today, our experience has helped us build a solid reputation.

A newly built garage ready for spray foam insulation
Unlike some insulation companies active in San Antonio, SATX is locally owned and operated. We genuinely care about people living in this part of Texas, and we can provide services to them in no time, thanks to our location.
Garage wall and roof under construction, with spray foam insulation
To make sure your new insulation is as functional as possible, we use the best materials on the market when doing our work. You’ll get the exceptional insulation you deserve!
Workers spraying foam insulation for a newly built garage
The team at SATX puts value first. We understand how important saving money is to our customers. With that in mind, we’ll do everything we can to help keep your costs under control.

Ready to Learn More?

SATX Spray Foam Insulation is the San Antonio, TX, area’s top choice for insulation services. We’ve installed excellent blown-in insulation for countless customers in and around the city. Let us show you how we’ve built such a strong reputation for this work over the years!

Types Of Garage Insulation

As is the case for most spaces, multiple types of insulation are available for residential garages in San Antonio, Texas. Keep reading to learn about insulation types installed by SATX Spray Foam Insulation.

Garage Spray Foam Insulation

This type of polyurethane foam insulation is prevalent in many residential and commercial settings - garages included! When you hire us to handle spray foam insulation work, we’ll spray it into any spaces that need insulation. Then, it will expand to fit every crack and crevice perfectly.

SATX Spray Foam Insulation offers both open-cell and closed-cell spray foam insulation. The spray foam variety that’s best for you depends on where you’re installing insulation, among other factors. We can help you decide on the spray foam insulation type that’s best for your needs!

Garage Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose loose-fill or blow-in insulation is an ideal choice to insulate the floor in your garage’s attic space. It’s unbelievably cost-effective and made with recycled materials.

Our employees can install blown-in insulation for you quickly and efficiently. We use specialized blowing machines as part of our installation process to get it done as fast as possible.

Garage Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass is among the most common types of insulation for any interior space, so it just makes sense that it could effectively insulate your garage. However, installing this material without the proper protective gear could put your health at risk. Instead, hire SATX for this job!

There are two primary types of fiberglass insulation installed by our crews. We install batt insulation in pre-cut pieces between wall framing sections. Meanwhile, insulation rolls consist of similar materials, but we roll them out to provide a custom fit.

We Do Commercial Garage Insulation

While this page has focused chiefly on residential garages, these aren’t the only services SATX Insulation provides in this niche. We’re also happy to work on commercial garages for businesses in the San Antonio area - regardless of how large or small your industrial garage space is!

Commercial garage insulation is vital for the same reasons that residential garage insulation is. Is your business’ garage heated or air-conditioned but uninsulated? If so, you’re spending more than you need to on energy bills. These spaces can also impact the temperature of your main building if they’re directly attached.

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For years, SATX Spray Foam Insulation has been more than just an insulation company to San Antonio, Texas residents. We’ve helped our customers save on energy bills and beat the Texas heat, all while providing the best customer service in the industry. If your home or business needs insulation services, let us handle this work for you!

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